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Pay by PragICTS provides the platform to enable your customers the convenience to pay online with ease from any Internet-enabled device using their credit / debit cards.

Pay enables you to raise invoices online and track them to completion through its management dashboard.

Pay can be tailored to work with any payment gateway and provides a decoupled and abstracted architecture with SSL enablement for security and confidence.

Featured Highlights

100% Customizable

Tailored to your exact needs

100% Web Browser Based

No client end software is required

100% Responsive

Run it on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, HDTV,etc.)

100% Open Source

Host it on any deployment configuration (on-premise, cloud, etc.)


Multilayered decoupled abstracted security architecture including SSL encryption

Live Dashboard

For real-time tracking and corrective action

Featured Payment Providers

mastercard payment gateway
cybersource secure accptance

Featured Clients